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New beginnings, New Space, Same Vibe!

Picture a space that combines the charm of the past with a new relaxed bohemian-style oasis.

A beautiful mix of old and new immersing you into a relaxing one-on-one experience.

As you enter, you will be greeted by an open space flooded with natural light & ornate details of a 100+ year old bungalow. Followed by natural wood countertops, hanging hand-woven baskets, and tons of plants!

The salon playlist offers a curated selection of mellow tunes, ranging from folk and acoustic to classic rock and indie. The music sets the mood, enhancing the relaxed and carefree vibe of the space.

To complement our vintage bohemian theme, we offer a range of organic and cruelty-free hair care products. These products are carefully selected to align with our values of sustainability and ethical practices. We believe in promoting natural beauty and caring for both our clients and the environment.


Our vintage bohemian laid-back hair suite provides a unique and enchanting experience.

Step into our sanctuary of style & relaxation, where we celebrate individuality & creativity!

Weather you're seeking a hair transformation or simply want to soak in the ambiance, we're here to make your salon visit a memorable one.

We specialize in Color, Balayage/Blondes, & Extensions

Suite Hair Studio Owner

Megan Callahan
Owner/Master Stylist

Proud owner of Suite Hair Studio and a

master stylist, Megan draws on over

14 years of salon and cosmetology teaching experience.

 Creating a salon suite

where she seamlessly incorporates her

client’s requests, expectations, and

vision is just the beginning!

As a perfectionist and expert,

Megan sees her clients from a 360 perspective.

She collaborates with each client to create a design that makes them feel

beautiful and speaks to their


Having a keen eye for detail,

Megan specializes in color, blondes, 

balayage & custom colored

Extensions to match! 

Rebecca Caimi

Hey there!

My name is Rebecca and I am so excited to be a part of Suite Hair Studio! I have been working in Hatboro for over three years and I love being a hairstylist!

I currently perform all color services, including balayage, highlighting, and color correcting! I also do haircuts for women, men, and children, whether short or long!

I am certified in extensions and can't wait to do more of them at Suite Hair Studio!

While I am primarily behind the chair, I am also a licensed cosmetology teacher and I love to help out the staff over at Bucks County School of Beauty Culture!

When I am not doing hair, you can find me cuddling my fluffy furball Leela cat! I'm so excited to get to see you at Suite Hair Studio!

Suite Hair Studio Stylists
Suite Hair Studio Stylists

Sierra Stroker

Hey There!

My name is Sierra. I am a licensed cosmetologist. I’ve always had a strong passion for making others feel beautiful, inside and out.

I’ve grown up with an art background and I even went to college for fine arts! It's my passion to share my artistic creativity with you!

I can’t wait to be a part of Suite Hair Studio and I look forward to meeting everyone.

Angelina Pileggi


My name is Angelina Rose Pileggi! I'm a passionate hairstylist with 11 years of experience. I specialize in color and love haircuts & styling.

My main goal is to always make my clients feel confident and beautiful.

With a background in photography, graphic design, and advertising, I bring a creative touch to my hair artistry!

When I'm not busy making people look fabulous,I enjoy exercising, cooking, watching shows, spending quality time with my boyfriend, going on motorcycle rides, exploring nature, and regularly attending Bible studies!

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